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Year · 2016 
Tutors · Pablo Oriol + Manuel Pérez Romero + Lina Toro + Fernando Rodriguez + Rafael Iñiguez

Location · Sant Mateu d'Albarca, Ibiza, Spain
Type · Landscape, Senior Community
+++ Young Talent Awards (Mies Foundation BCN)
Linear Landscapes presents an alternative tourism strategy with the purpose of reactivating a rural and semi-abandoned area in the interior of Ibiza. The project aims at attracting middle aged and senior citizens from around the world, an active population looking for a quiet and relaxed environment, for either temporary or permanent relocations. Linear Landscapes does so through the careful insertion of accommodation, wellness and medical programs.

Given the delicate context, the project is understood as a landscape intervention, with indoor spaces generated by the accentuation of the existing topography and outdoor spaces covered by a thin veil which recalls the traditional agricultural infrastructures. By these means, the project seeks to provide high quality spaces and atmospheres for a senior active community that has strong attachments to nature and that seeks to enjoy it in a sustainable and responsible way.

In this proposal, architecture is not just a frame to a lifestyle, it is an integral part of an entrepreneurial, social and environmental strategy to an often neglected and underrated landscape.
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